List of Unacceptable Worship Actions Towards God

Does this worship status meets God’s requirement for worship? (see article featured image)

Today there are so many idols in this world today. Those who identify themselves as Christian are following these acts (knowingly and unknowingly) as part of their daily routine in Christian Theology or Doctrine. Traditions of Men have used the Bible as their scriptural text, but it is misapplied and contradicts God’s purpose for mankind. This list is by no means complete. If you would like to help me to add others that you are aware of, please contact me.

God will not tolerate false worship from anyone. He will not accept the following deception:

  1. Doing worship your own way (Will-Worship). God will only accept your offering that is right and acceptable to Him according to Genesis 4:7. You are in control of your thoughts and physical well-being.
  2. Worship a non-god. It is unacceptable to God according to Exodus 34:14. Please learn the 1st commandment from Exodus 20:3, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me (God).”
  3. Refusing to Worship God of this Universe. You were created for this purpose – to communicate with Him. Please don’t deceive yourself by saying, “you have no need for Him (God)” (James 1:22).
  4. Glorifying Idols. Worshipping people, places, and things are unacceptable worship according to Isaiah 48:11b.
  5. Changing the truth of God into a lie. Anyone who does this is not a thankful person nor are they right with God according to Romans 1:25.
  6. Calling on God vainly. Anyone who does this is not a child of God. Using profanity (curse words) while speaking to God’s image (other people) and blaspheming the Holy Spirit according to the 3rd commandment given by Moses and Christ Jesus (Exodus 20:7, Leviticus 19:12, and Matthew 12:30-32).
  7. Not having a repentance heart of humility towards God. This is an eternal sin against the Holy Spirit of Truth according to Jesus (John 14:17; 15:26; 16:13). Anyone resisting the truth is in love with the Devil, and can never worship God in “spirit and truth” (John 4:24).
  8. Hating people. Anyone doing this will never worship God acceptably according to 1 John 3:15. Hating has no place with Eternal Life.
  9. Defrauding or robing your neighbor. How can you love God and do this to people you can see according to Leviticus 19:13? This action is never about loving your neighbor, but it shows a selfish gain, just like their father the Devil. Acceptable worship is loving your neighbor like you would love yourself.
  10. Oppressing others. Anyone that does this act, does not fear God Almighty according to Leviticus 25:17. How can you worship God in this evil way? It is not possible.
  11. Never helping others. Worship requires an open hand for others according to Deuteronomy 15:11 and James 1:27. This action is pure acceptable worship. Anyone doing anything against the afflicted or needy does not know who God is.
  12. Vain worship. Attending church (or assembly) with good intentions is not acceptable worship towards God according to Matthew 15:9, Mark 7:7, and Colossians 2:17. Anyone worshipping God must have their heart in their worship.
  13. Rejecting the Messiah. Anyone trying to communicate to the Father God must know the truth about Jesus Christ of Nazarene according to John 14:6, Philippians 2:11, and 1 John 2:22. Only liars deny Jesus. Anyone worshipping God without the knowledge of His Son is deceiving themselves.
  14. Strange offerings. Anyone mocking the Holy Spirit of God, or forgetting about his grace and mercy will not be giving to God acceptably (see Leviticus 10:1-3; Numbers 26:61 Nadab and Abihu or Acts 5:1-11 Ananias and Sapphira). Never lie in your actions when worshipping God.
  15. Repetitive prayers. Anyone saying long prayers are not worshipping God, but are showing off to others. This is always unacceptable worship according to Matthew 6:7-8.
  16. Disrespectful Attitude. Anyone who thinks that God doesn’t know your heart, you are sadly mistaken according to Malachi 1:6. He is omniscient.
  17. Offering worthless gifts. Anyone who gives sacrificial offerings to God without the best intentions are worshipping unacceptable. You can not despise the name of the Lord (see Malachi 1:10-12).
  18. No delight in serving God. Going through the motions without fearing God (see #12 Vain worship). Drudgery without joy in your servitude. Are you really God’s child, or you just trying to get your fire insurance papers?
  19. Standing or Sitting before the Holy One. Worship means to prostrate, kneel, or bow by submitting oneself according to Psalm 96:8-10. Anyone worshipping the Creator God (Hashem) on earth must reflect Heaven’s pattern of worship (Luke 11:2; Matthew 18:18). Reverence Almighty God and Jesus, His dear Son.
  20. Don’t accept Godly wisdom (instructions and discipline). Only a fool despise correction according to Proverbs 1:7. If God loves you, His commandments will give you the starting point to correct your ways according to Proverbs 3:12.

“And now, I pray you, beseech God that he will be gracious unto us: this hath been by your means: will he regard your persons? saith the Lord of hosts.” – Malachi 1:9

King James Version

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You can change if you are doing any of the above unacceptable worship towards God.

Worship must be honest according to John 4:24, “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.” This is genuine acceptable worship. Giving without hesitation or ulterior motive. The greater the knowledge of the object of worship, the greater the worship towards the one who is omnipotence – GOD ALMIGHTY! He will accept any voluntary, sacrificial, and peace offering according to Genesis 4:7, “If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him.”

Knock, Knock. Who’s there? SIN.
Sin who? The one who will control you.
Will you do the right thing before God?
Sin will destroy you, don’t let it!

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