Sorry for Late Devotionals This Week: Unresponsive WP Post in Block Editor

I’m having problems with’s New Block Editor. It’s continuously unresponsive in the post setting (see photo). It’s been that way for some time now since March 29, 2023.

So I gave up on using this addition and finally went back to the Classic Editor. Until it’s corrected, I will not have a modern setting. That’s okay! The word of God is much more important than fancy pages on WordPress.

The Lord our God is Always Good no matter what happens! I can smile and know that I should strap my boots on and endure.

Continue next time, my brother or sister in Christ, P R A I S E the L O R D!

Sister Shelena

P.S. For those of you having the same problem, click on “view” and change it to “The Classic WP-Admin WordPress Interface.” It will change to the classic editor. In the posts (see up top) click on “Add New” and change it to “Classic Editor”.


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