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#4 Is Worshipping People a Good Thing to Do?

From the List of Unacceptable Worship Actions Towards God #4 Glorifying Idols.  Glorifying Idols. Worshipping people, places, and things is unacceptable worship. Every wicked pervert idolatry that anyone does always disrespect the Creator God. You are never to worship a non-god or another thing. If you do, you are not God’s children. Because of every […]

Bible Study Words To Learn


Greek Word for Praise. Sing to the Lord our God. Today’s Word to Learn is Hallelouia #239. Study, Print, and Share God’s Word during this season of Coronavirus. Keep looking unto the Lord for help. This storm will pass, just like any other storm in life. Please don’t worry, but be determined to cling to your faith.


Download January Praise and Worship Calendar

Free Praise and Worship January 2022 Calendar. Learn about Unacceptable Worship towards Creator God.