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Brothers & Sisters in Christ, your help is truly needed, and the only way to do that is to give.

How to Support this Website

Participate in giving of your time and resources


Provide Financial Support, so our efforts can spread to the online communities and internationally by Shopping through our Link to Amazon, or giving through Paypal: Your purchases will help this website to give away praise and worship items to others.


Spread the Gospel in your local community about the acceptable aspect of worship by signing up to volunteer. Become a Godly Leader in these Last Hours. Show the importance of respectable worship towards God. Start an Organized True Worship Group in Your Home or Community

Other Ways

  1. Pray for this website and the author, Shelena.
  2. Promote this website with a link on other Christian sites or pages.
  3. Participate in discussions here at this site, and other social media websites. Try sharing your story with us.
  4. Write for Us. We are looking for Guest Writers.

How are We Funded?

Sensible Worship does not have advertisers. except for the one you see on this free plan from WordPress. We are funded mainly by free-will offerings and the support through your purchase from our associate, Amazon.

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Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding (Proverbs 3:13).

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