Free Book Giveaway

This Offer Expires on August 31, 2022

My Book

Yes, it’s Free!

It is for those who ask for my praise and worship bible study book. It is a physical copy for personal use.

Send me a Self- Address Stamped Envelope (approx. size 6 X 9 in. / 15.2 X 22.8 cm) at the address below, and I will send it out to you as soon as possible.

Address: Sensible Worship; PO Box 2053; Lorain, OH 44054

Donations are welcome: Please help others to learn about praise and worship (see below)

How to Request Offer:

  1. Purchase two envelopes
  2. Address (small) envelope – From: Yourself To: Sensible Worship
  3. Place a stamp on the envelope
  4. Address (large) envelope From Sensible Worship To: Yourself
  5. Place stamps on the envelope
  6. Write Note Requesting Book with Prayer or Praise Report
  7. Fold large envelop into smaller ones with a note
  8. Seal small envelope
  9. Mail it off and you are done

Note: You need stamps. Place stamps on the envelope

Note: Fold letter and large envelope

Please do not send without the proper stamp amount for your location to be mailed back to you. My suggestion is to complete it at your local Post Office. Remember this ministry is not associated with 501 (c). If you would love to sponsor stamps to give to your fellow brother or sister in need, please send them to the same address.

Remember this book is free to study online

I would love to have the book in my hands with a good highlighter and pen to mark on the book if you are like me. You can answer the questions without hesitation. Enjoy studying!

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