Prayer List

Complete list of prayers and answered prayers. God is good and He like to give good gifts to His child. Out of respect for Him, He blesses us through others. This is our job as well. To pray for the people on this listing is apart of your reasonable service. Building up your Brother and Sister in Christ Jesus. We all need hope.


Shelena Griffiths
She is the owner of Sensible Worship. Pray for her and encourage her as well. Everyone need it. Click Here to drop her a line of hope.

Answered Prayers

God is healing millions of people from the coronavirus

Christian Darden
His mother is requesting prayer for her son;he was just dosed with the coronavirus. The family needs comfort and peace during is time of crisis.

Sarah Scott
Requesting prayer for healing. She has a lung condition – COPD. She will trust God to heal her blocked airway.

Jerome Wright
Requesting prayer for family, friends, and clearer understanding of God’s word.

Patricia Tillie
Requesting prayer for healing. She find out that she as dementia, and is forgetting things a lot. She is believing in God’s ability to help her to recover.

Rodney Dennison
Requesting prayer for his married. Direction to follow God’s will for his life.

Chara Griffiths
Requesting prayer for a mental disorder. She is believing that God will and can heal her with others agreeing with her. She is asking for a commitment to help her overcome.

Madeline Soto
Shelena is requesting prayer for her mother. Requesting happiness and longevity for with honor.

Donald J. Trump
The President of United States of America
We are to lift him up to God. He needs direction for our country, and that He enact the right policies according to the word of God. His family needs comforter and support during the time of President Trumps’s term in office.

Boris Johnson
Pray for those who have authority. He is the British Prime Minister. He is fighting against the Coronavirus. Latest news: Recovered and is doing well.