What Does Pray Mean?

To Address God with our Adoration, Supplication, Confession, or Thanksgiving; who is the Object of our Worship.

To Commune with God or Have a Good Relationship with Him

Pray is Direct Access to God through the Help from the Holy Spirit

Believe God can do what no other people can do!

With God on your side, all things are possible if you put your faith in Him!

Remember to listen for the answer, when you pray.

Prayer Gives Hope.

Hebrew Words for Pray

Pey, Lamed, Lamed

To Speak with Your Tongue to the Voice of Authority

Watch this amazing 2-minute whiteboard explanation of the word “Pray” in ancient Hebrew.

Learn to pray to the Ultimate Authority – GOD!

Give Hope and Encouragement through Prayer. Join us in helping others by lifting their needs to our Lord.

Write Your Prayer – Fervent Prayers Avail Much!

Joseph “Joe” Biden, The President of United States
We are to lift him up to God. He needs direction for our country, and that He enact the right policies according to the word of God. His family needs comforter and support during the time of Presidential term in office, as well as State and City officials.

Yuka Nakamura, Japan
Pray for Yuka. He is being spiritually attacked by false teachers (wolves in sheep clothing). All prayer warriors help him.

Lisa Lane, USA
Requesting prayer for direction for her daughter’s boyfriend. He is a loving child and friend to her family. His parents are from a cult religious community. Need God to intervene.

Jessa Aquino, Philippines
Requesting prayer for a greater understanding of worship.

Maxine Waterloo, USA
Requesting prayer for a closer relationship with her father. He abandons her as a child. She wants to know the love of a daddy.

June Jamison, USA
Requesting prayer for her sister to come to Christ Jesus and that she will know Him before it’s too late. Her sister is ill with cancer.

Jerome Wilness, St. Lucius West Indies
Requesting prayer for his ministry and himself, so he could find favor to continue doing the works of the Lord.

Sharon Thomas, USA
Requesting prayer for a closer walk with God.

Sarah Scott, USA
Requesting prayer for healing. She has a lung condition – COPD. She will trust God to heal her blocked airway.

Judy Redd, USA
Requesting that God will use her children and herself for His glory honor and praise.

Mary Cruz, Philippines
Pray for her family because of her parent’s divorce. She loves them both, and God will mend them all.

Dee Washington, USA
Pray for her marriage, hopes for a child, and her battle of depression. She needs encouragement and hope for the impossible to happen in their lives.

Ann Butler, USA
Pray for her son, David. He is being bullied in school. Help him to overcome this evil by turning it around for something good. Thank you, Lord!

Linda Day, USA
Salvation for her household. Those who are saved, walk in the Spirit, not in the flesh, and to protect her whole family from the world – the flesh and enemies. Also, to have the right job for her and jobs for the daughters. That they all Matthew 6:33.

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Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding (Proverbs 3:13).

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