Articles on Praise & Worship

#1 Will-Worship: What does that mean?

From the List of Unacceptable Worship Actions Towards God #1 Will-Worship means to express worship your own way, self-taught, and according to how you are feeling. Futile fancy worship will never be the correct spirit of true worship. This form of worship is led by the indulgence of the flesh according to Colossians 2:23. You […]

Articles on Praise & Worship Series: Understanding the Bible

Understanding the Bible: The Eyes Were Opened

This importance phrase, “Your Eyes Shall Be Opened,” represents knowing the knowledge of evil according to the serpent speaking to Adam and Eve below. We will read Genesis Chapter 3, and discuss why I believe the Holy Spirit is showing me this vital understanding of the Bible. It is necessary for spiritual growth. This story […]


The Point is not to Completely Understand God but to Worship Him

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