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List to Recognize Wicked Worship Leadership in Church

You will not understand the list unless you read Ezekiel Chapter 34, so you may watch and pray in these last days. There are many wolves acting like shepherds to protect God’s people. Read this list of unacceptable actions said or taken by church worship leaders today: Dare not challenge their authority. Very legalistic. Do […]

Articles on Praise & Worship Series: Understanding the Bible

Understanding the Bible: The Curse Given to Mankind by God

Genesis Chapter 3 Why did God curse the serpent, the ground, and put enmity between the serpent and the woman? After the creation of the woman, the serpent showed up to deceive Adam’s wife, Eve. Also, to open the Couples’ eyes to the knowledge of good and evil. Adam and Eve’s covering was stripped from […]


The Fragrance of Our Praise

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