Carla Sante

We chose this bible study course because it addresses all the essential questions regarding praise and worship. And we also, love the in-depth study and research on praise worship.

Michael O’Sullivan

I liked the outline of the Bible Study course. I think it will suit our members. Most of our members are seniors.

Robert Darryl Herder

Thought it would be interesting to do a group bible study with our praise and worship team.

Darrell Nicholson

I love the topics and thought that it would be great to teach our group

Arsenia Ducyao

It would be a big help for the worship team of the church to understand better the importance of praise and worship.

Evans O. Igbokwe

I was so happy when I found this site on the internet because this is what I’ve been looking for. I have been in prison worship family for a very long time, I have been training people but each day I try to look for new lessons for on praise and worship for my group […]

Joshua Abejo

To have deeper dive on sharing to our Worship team how to Grow as a Worshipper.

Sherry Inscoe

I want to enrich our worship team with biblical understanding of praise and worship in order to honor and give God the glory due to Him in true worship.

Betty Mwalili

We need the Music Department members to clearly understand why we do what we do and as leaders in music in the ministry where we serve it is important that we understand from the Bible what true worship is.

Marlon Higgins

I was looking for some new study material to present to our Team…and came across your website. Thanks.