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Featured Worship Recipe

  • Practice Praising God

    Are you ready for the challenge to praise God with all of your might? You and only you can do this sacrificial offering to Him. Individual worship is intimacy. Everyday practice loving your Lord through your voice.

    If you would like to have a good relationship with God, start with this 7 day praise and worship practice called Challenging 7-Day Praise Walk to Victory, and basic stirring up your soul through victory in praise exercise. Both are great encouragement to worship God, as well as this prayer below to get you going into the right direction (need help with prayer and praise? click here):

    Victory in Praise Exercise
    Victory in Praise Exercise. Photo by Daniel Reche on

    Heavenly Father God, our Lord, the Creator of the Universe,

    I thank you! Have great and wonderful is your Name above all others. Who is like our God? There is no other. You are it! Hallelujah! Your love and your mercy continues throughout this generation, and I will believe in your grace and judgment on this earth. In Christ, I will have victory and peace.

    I lift up my hands in praise, and shout glory are you Lord! Yes, I believe. Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord! I invite your presence, as I bow to You. Wow, your glory in splendor! Awesome in majesty. My God, Adonai, I love You! Holy, Holy, Holy are You. I hear You, and a stranger’s voice I will not follow. You direct my coming and going. I thank You for the protection given all around me.

    Amazing, I see You and walk with You! Commune with You and obey. All praises are due.

    Help me to endure this life’s hardship, as I learn to do Your will in this world. You are there, if I do not see, hear, or feel Your presence. I know You are there for me. I will praise you as long there is breath in my body. I will praise Your Holy name.

    In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ of Nazarene


    Free Praise and Worship Bible Study at SensibleWorship.Org