Who is Sister Shelena?

Shelena Griffiths

Web Owner and Author

Shelena has enjoyed life for many years teaching about praise and worship: for the joy of our Lord is our strength!

God has blessed her to get marry and have three children, and two grandchildren. Her teaching is non-denominational, and many have come to her from many diverse denominations and backgrounds. The purpose is only directed to the Word of God on any subject within its boundaries and principles.

Shelena has never had any formal Bible training, but attended Philadelphia College of the Bible in the late 80’s. It was through the Holy Spirit that she was able to teach on the wonderful truths about worship.

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My Books

A Real Desire to Praise God by Shelena Griffiths
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Book Excerpt

However, new Christians or individuals who were not taught about having a hungry for righteousness will need a basic guide in their pursuit. This book will assist with coaching those people of precious like faith.

Are You Worshipping In Spirit and in Truth? by Shelena Griffiths
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Book Excerpt

The obvious fact is that any worship you do must be respected, It must be done well, for God to accept it from you. Our worship must be genuine, or it is vain worship.

Reflection: Praise and Worship Notebook by Shelena Griffiths

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Book Excerpt

Christian Worship Notebook to use for your personal praise and worship bible study lessons from “Are You Worshipping In Spirit and In Truth by Shelena Griffiths.” Get an understanding of the topic of praise and worship from the Holy Bible.



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Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding (Proverbs 3:13).

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